Sales Process

U.S. Marshals Service Online Sale Rules and Requirements

– All information and pictures on this site are proprietary and cannot be used without explicit written permission. Any violation will be subject to legal action.
– Visual-only previews of USMS assets must be scheduled by appointment with 24-hour advance notice. A photo ID is required for entry, limited to two people per appointment.
– All assets are sold “WHERE IS AS IS” with no guarantees, warranties, or representations regarding description or condition. The Seller does not guarantee the presence or completeness of logbooks with the aircraft.
– The successful bidder forfeits their funds if they fail to complete the sale to the USMS. No refunds will be issued.
– Buyers must send funds by wire transfer to the specified bonded and insured escrow account provided by RMAVI. No exceptions.
– Bidders awarded a USMS Asset Sale must verify funds when wired to the RMAVI escrow account. The process includes matching the wire with the aircraft tail number, company name, and authorized individual. Verification typically takes three days but may take longer.
– Successful bidders are responsible for all fees, costs, and taxes associated with the asset at the time of sale.
– RMAVI is a contractor/agent for the USMS and not the seller. Buyers agree to indemnify RMAVI and its affiliates from any legal action.
– The listing will provide information on viewing date/time, offer closing date/time, and minimum acceptable offer. No fee is required to place an offer.
– All funds are due within 48 hours of sale approval notification. Buyers have 24 hours from fund clearance to remove the asset from storage. Failure to make timely payments may result in disqualification by the USMS.
– All USMS inventory is sold “WHERE IS AS IS” with no warranties, guarantees, or representations regarding condition or suitability. Buyers must rely on their own information and inspections.
– The seller reserves the right to modify listings, reject offers, or remove assets from sale at any time.
– Eligibility: Services are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts. Bidders must comply with USMS Policy Directive 13.7.
– Disputes: In case of a dispute, RMAVI reserves the right to make the final decision. The High Offeror agrees to indemnify RMAVI and the Seller for any liabilities or costs incurred.
– Technical Issues: RMAVI is not responsible for technical problems affecting the offer system. In case of technical issues, RMAVI may declare an item sold, postpone, cancel, or extend the auction. The decision of RMAVI is final.
By participating in this sale, buyers agree to all rules, regulations, and conditions stated above.